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After receiving a Bachelor’s of Science from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Human Resources Management degree, I landed my first job with the state. Filing, managing employee’s leave, and providing assistance to human resource department filled most of my days. My desire to lend a hand to employees whom needed to be heard and trying to find solutions to their issues was the reason for my career choice. However, working in HR for a few years, my passion to help was not fulfilled instead it grew stronger as each day passed. Being a martial artist, I learned about Thai massage and the positive effects it had on the mind, body, and spirit. After my first massage, I was instantly fascinated by the power of healing through touch. For once, I felt my body as a whole, my mind at peace, my stress was gone and wanted everyone to experience this sense of connection. After years of searching for my “calling”, I finally found mine. I decided to leave the corporate world behind and pursue my passion for massage/healing arts.

I enrolled and graduated from the Institute of Massage Therapies located in Richmond, Virginia where I developed a strong foundation and understanding of massage therapy. Over the last few years, I have been able to develop my own style of massage which is using my intuitiveness as my guide and listening to the body. My knowledge in human anatomy allows me to develop a more focused/detailed massage.

Through massage therapy I have discovered ways to improve people’s lives while doing something I love. Helping my clients feel centered and creating a safe environment for them to experience a balance of the mind, body, and spirit is my goal. As a lifelong athlete and martial artist, I understand the importance of maintaining flexibility and strength within the muscles in order to remain injury-free.

–  Cece
Cece and Saki