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Our Services

Through massage therapy, I have found ways to improve people’s lives while doing something I love. I find profound satisfaction by helping others become more agile, comfortable, and energetic. Using a variety of techniques, I am able to help alleviate pain, muscle aches, stress, swelling, and soreness while promoting overall health.

Integrated Massage: Multiple techniques are applied to fit the client’s needs. Targeting specific areas of pain, relieving hypertension, and preventing injuries.

Zero Balancing: This technique addresses the connection between the body structure and energy. Every session has a protocol that lasts between 30 to 45 minutes and clients remain clothed as well. Zero balancing consists of gentle touch therapy along the skeletal structure, major joints areas, and slow traction along the bones that have areas of tension. Zero Balancing focuses on clearing energy blocks and balancing the bone structure causing better postural movement, balance, and clarity.

Orthopedic Massage: This technique gears towards athletes with upcoming competitions, post competition or training for specific goals. Specific muscle groups are targeted for active releasing to relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and pain for the athlete.